if you’ve ever read this blog, or even know me in the slightest, you already know my #1 fear (simply search “mouse” and you’ll soon be caught up to speed.)

you may even recall that the first ever post on this here bloggy-blog was about a not so fantastical run-in with the teeniest of tiniest meeces within my humble abode.

oh, almost two years to the date of that post, and i am still NAF (Not A Fan)… what can i say? This Girl doesn’t change.

And further, to give a sliver’s worth of insight into my mind, know that i am always on constant peripheral look-out for any sort of rodentia that may cross my path. it doesn’t matter how likely or how drastically unlikely the inherent possibility of seeing one… I. Am. Always. Alert.

so, let’s fast forward then, friends, to last Friday. I had picked up Baby B from my parent’s house (where Grandma is oh-so-kind to be the best babysitter ever!) and Grandpa was enjoying the duty of snapping Baby B’s infant car seat into its base. I am following closely so that i am place the diaper bag and goodies into the car, next to the babers, and then be on our way.

as i do so, out of the corner of my eye, i spy something gray on the floor mat… but, my first instinct is to allow those voices in my head to tell me, “You are crazy. That’s nothing. it’s probably a wrapper of some sort.” this placates me, and i circle around to the driver’s side and slide on in.

Homeward Bound in our little red Go Kart.

Then i circle back around and open the backseat door on the passenger side… yep. there it is.

dead mouse – on the floor. inches from my (sleeping) First Born.

i some how manage to stifle the impending scream, and as-calmly-as-possible walk to the drivers side to retrieve Baby B that way.

second mouse (I swear it!)…

mustering all the courage i could, i tried to extract said Babers in the quickest of manners, grabbed the diaper bag, blanket, fresh milk and pretty much left everything else in there until AJ was to arrive within the next hour. (and, have no fear, Baby B continued to snooze amidst the havoc.)

O. M. G.

by the time AJ came home and found a pair of pliers (Pliers?!) to fetch The Body, he said he could only find one mouse there…


where i swear there were two…

from here, we spend various parts of the rest of the evening thinking of ways that the mouse (MICE) could have entered the Go Kart. of course, all my suggestions pointed the guilty finger at AJ, and all his, conveniently, seemed to suggest that it was I who allowed this to occur. bygones.

the bottom line, for me, is that i know i saw two. and if there are two, there be more!!!

i begged AJ to spend part of his Saturday at work searching for the “more”… though, he (rightfully) was not too excited about this, and it surely didn’t occur.

however, come Monday, Poor AJ had to drive to work with the windows down (i envision it going a little something like this), as a new stench seemed to permeate the interior of the Go Kart after incubating for the remainder of the weekend.

He found a young co-worker willing to do some CSI-style investigation for the small fee of $20, and lo and behold… i was correct.

let’s say that again… I was correct!

in total… five. four no-longer-alive mice were found dreaming the eternal dream under the back seat, in a nest burrowed into the vehicular insulation. plus you count the one found last Friday and you get the grand total of five.



needless to say- i haven’t come within 20-yards of that car in seven days.

oh, how the fun times roll on!


One thought on “Rats!

  1. I’m so sorry….but I honestly have read this post several times and CANNOT QUIT LAUGHING!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING IS FUNNY–but to ensure we are still friends IT is NOT FUNNY AT ALL. Lollollllllllll……..I love the pic of ACE VENTURA! ANd I want to know this one thing—do you get any type of reward for putting these links in your blog–or do it because it is just awesome. I LOVE it truly…and was just curious! I’m new to this blog thing-ya know!

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