mega post + photos + dinner last night

whew… nearing the end of tuesday… FAT Tuesday! fun times, indeed!

i am uploading quite a few photos to PhotoBucket– so here we go:

Lucy had a very fun time celebrating Valentine’s Day with her Jaunty Pink Scarf.

She also spent last Saturday (THOR, too) at Holmes Lake for the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics ( – cheering on Aunt Shelly– brrrrr!!!! Lu got to meet Herbie Husker… so that was exciting

and then, the goofball decided to plunge herself– it was cold… she’s nutty!

in non-dog entertainment, Thursday, we met up with the BFF for some Karaoke!!!

and Megs was so kind as to shoot a shot of the bling… good snaps, Missy!
We had a fun time singing… and being all around goofy!

here is AJ at the NE Bookstore – self-explanatory, i would say….

sooo– for the post about dinner last night… i am finally learning how to work the google reader, and am hooked on these (and many other) blogs…
sixoneseven – where i found a recipe for roasted red pepper soup
and a Friend to Knit With where i found (a) my newly prized dutch oven and (b) a recipe for bread with which to cook in it

so i attempted:

first, with the raising of the bread.
the evening prior (post Oscars) i tried for the wheat version. that yeast must have been bad… no rising here.
so in the a.m. i made a white flour version – by the time i was home from work, it was raising as suggested in the recipe. yea me!

i decided to move forward with BOTH loaves, because, what did i have to lose?
it was like a science experiment in my own oven… (though i had a pretty good idea of the outcome)

then, to the roasting of the red peppers (i added half an orange one… because)

so this is the experiment in the oven…

and this is once sliced– hahaha! (experiment successful – i guess you could say!)
AJ wanted to save the wheat for the dogs– but i fear what that may do to their digestive tract… (and we all know who would receive the brunt of that, don’t we?)

so, i am a slug and didn’t get a photo of the finished rrp soup… but, yum! (i guess i could show you the empty Tupperware in which i ate from for lunch today– but that is probably a bit much for photo realism)

on the soup: i really liked it… not so sure about AJ… but i kind of prefaced his eating it by saying, “if you don’t like it…”… and of course, i made two chicken cutlets because Goodness Forbid i serve a meatless meal… he did say it was “good”… but he’s just a sweet boy, so you really never know.

and, i may be partly to blame – i never actually told him there was a pear (gasp) and carrots (oh, for shame) in the recipe… because i know all too well, that the rrp would never get anywhere near his lips…. i am learning, oh yes, i am learning….

unless of course, the hubs is reading this, and then i would say to that– i’ll only make it when i host the friends for Girls’ Night soon!! 😉 Love you! 😉 (eek!)

btw– i am suddenly a fan of greek yogurt! yum!

so, that’s quite the post… now- to rescue the sewing machine from the fix-it-guy!


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