Honey, you can take it from here

let’s see. i’m about 8.5 weeks out until Baby Day… give or take, of course.

especially since last night i learned that most first pregnancies take 41 weeks.

SAY WHAT? I have been counting toward 40 weeks this whole time. now you want to add 168 more hours to that? um. How About No, Scott. (quoted)

anywho…. we learned this, and other alarming interesting pregnancy factoids at our second of three Prenatal classes.

the first class spent most of the time talking about what to do and not do in oh, say, the first trimester… i seriously considered not coming back.

but last night’s class was more topical – with videos, to boot – on labor (ow!) and delivery (excuse me?) and the like.

okay, at 31.5 weeks, i am growing accustomed to the fact that this little being is growing inside of me… the movements are pretty cool…. but the whole idea of it actually coming out?… admittedly, i am not so prepared for that part.

in fact. after last night’s insightful video presentation… i think i’ll just let AJ handle that part.

Honey, you can take it from here.
Your Wife.


3 thoughts on “Honey, you can take it from here

  1. Oh come on, it’s such a special thing that men can never match! (Says the girl who had a great labor and delivery, I know, and I was induced which they totally made taboo in our childbirth class).

    Enjoy the movement inside, and all the time when they are newborns, even though you’re exhausted, they really only stay that way for a few short months.

  2. HAHA! Yeah the labor videos are pretty intense! But did you find yourself tearing up when the baby came out?? Because I can’t watch a freakin labor video (Screams & all) without wanting to cry my eyes out when the baby pops out:)

  3. Just remember that it will eventually be over and you can get through anything. And I’ve done it without the drugs – not on purpose, mind you – but still without the drugs. 🙂

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