FOUND: In Lincoln, Nebraska

look at what i saw whilst walking around downtown Lincoln, today at lunch: Shoutout to Cousin Steph: isn’t that in the wrong place???! 😉 … know what you won’t see around Lincoln, NE for the next 9 days???? these’s crazy kids: (see you on the other side of CABO!)

A Tastee Start to February

Super Bowl Fun commenced with some work buddies, and i was feeling all sorts of domestical, so I finally dug out Connie’s recipe for Tastee Burgers (really, they are loose meat sandwiches)… a Lincoln Favorite… and i was worried about the final result, being that I knew some major Tastee Fans would be at the […]

catch-all photo post

As The Mamas & Papas said, “Monday, Monday…” I downloaded/uploaded some photos and have some other things so say, so prepare yourself! let’s see… i did finish those holiday wreaths i mentioned in posts past… The MIL asked if i would make some Valentine’s and Easter ones that she could sell at her salon in […]