Things My Kids Say

Yesterday, I was driving The Littles to the Children’s Museum, when I received a business-related phone call. Of course, THIS is the optimal time for the 2.5-year-old to decide he NEEDS my undivided attention. “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom! Mom. Mom. MOM! MOM! MOMMY! MomMomMom! Mom.” When I was finally able to hang up, I attempted […]

Things My Kids Say

This morning, as I grabbed the lunch bag to pack for the 6.5-year-old’s lunch. Inside was the small container of four carrots… carrots still inside. I firmly reminded my son that, if I pack carrots, the carrots need to be eaten at lunch. “But mom, I didn’t have time!” “Okay,” I said, “Then please eat […]

selective memory

okay then… as a follow up to the last post… i was at another class at Milkworks the other night – learning about starting solids… there were various moms, a few dads and lots of babies in the room. we go around and introduce ourselves…. now, i have always been bad at remembering names. I […]


as you move through life, i believe you have tiny epiphanies that lead you to believe the people, at the very core, are liars. “Fine! I’ll go out with the girls tonight, but i do not want to meet anyone!” “no, i haven’t once thought about why he hasn’t yet proposed.” “My wife and I […]