Scary Show

Three things that let me know that AJ and I would be a good match:

  1. He doesn’t like Mushrooms
  2. He doesn’t like to Ski
  3. He doesn’t like Scary Movies

Thus and therefore:

  1. I will never have to purchase, nor cook, anything with fungus in it
  2. I will never have to suffer through a ski vacation
  3. “Date Night” would never leave me with the possibility of losing sleep for days on end.

12-ish years later, this has still held true.

Yet, after watching the SAG Awards, and also my curiosity to everyone’s Halloween costumes last year, I asked around (Facebook friend-sourcing) and determined that it was time to start watching Stranger Things on Netflix.

And AJ has been along for the ride… and he cracks me up everyday when I get a text that says, “Are we watching the Scary Show tonight?”…. Why yes, yes we are!

The key is that there are only 8 episodes, and we are already six-deep, so it’s fairly quick and digestable… SO DON’T TELL ME HOW IT ENDS! Hopefully tonight we can finish it….

oh, and for those of you that told me it’s not scary: YOU’RE LIARS!



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