Things My Kids Say

Yesterday, I was driving The Littles to the Children’s Museum, when I received a business-related phone call.

Of course, THIS is the optimal time for the 2.5-year-old to decide he NEEDS my undivided attention.

“Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom! Mom. Mom. MOM! MOM! MOMMY! MomMomMom! Mom.”

When I was finally able to hang up, I attempted to use this time constructively – as a learning opportunity, if you will.

“Please do not bother me when I am on an important phone call!” (and then re-thinking my approach) “That is, unless, you really, really need me because it is super important. Was this super important?”


“Okay, what did you need to tell me while I was on the phone?”

“Mom! Look! I can do this!” (Makes a silly face in the rearview mirror)


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