funny you should ask…

well friend, today is my birthday. and what a great day it has been. the whole Birthday Week has been fantastic – and I have my awesome Husband, Son, pups, family and friends to thank for it.

i apologize that there really hasn’t been an outpouring of Fun Times on this here blog (in fact, i fully realize that some of it has been down-right depressing), but i promise that the Fun Times have had their fair share, don’t you dismay!

as an update, THOR is doing quite well, in fact. For the most part, he is back to using all four legs. Time will tell how this will turn out for he, and us, but for now, he’s the happiest dog in the whole wide world when he can run and run and run and run in our new backyard.

Lucy, of course, is still Sweet and Sassy Lucy!

Bo will be 3 in less than a month. Reminds me, i need ideas for his birthday party– send them my way if you have them.

AJ and I are staying busy as we focus on yard work, house work and life work, enjoying it all along the way.

Thank you, dear reader, for hanging in there with us. There are surely more Fun Times to come!


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