but he’s just a dog….

i feel like i have been holding my breath….

we are waiting on news.

from the vet.

about THOR.

thus, the feeling that i’m gasping and groping for air.

Two weeks ago, Sunday, THOR and Lucy spied the neighbor dog on our porch. instead of providing a welcoming greeting, they chose to defend their castle, through the window.

a small melee ensued, with lots of barking, and jumping and jockeying for position, while the entry rug went flying. it was only after AJ was able to calm the situation that we realized that THOR was limping…. or, shall i say, not at all using his back-left leg.

of course, this only happens when your vet is closed. so, off to the emergency Vet we went. three hours and $$$ later, we have a report of no broken bones and a litany of pain meds to administer around the clock.

fast forward a week, including a business trip and tons of snow, and THOR still isn’t any better. plus, the pain meds have run out.

We picked a new vet, who took one look at our buddy and seemed to have a sense of what was wrong, but was kind enough not to break the news to me immediately.

she kept him for the afternoon, did more tests, and gave me a call,

“Well, it’s not his ACL” she said calmly. at this, i was elated. I knew the cost and rehab time for that sort of thing was daunting.

then she proceeded to (calmly!) tell me that it was a tumor.


the best course would be to biopsy the area and best case scenario would be ultimate amputation of the leg. (the worst case, i am sure you can figure out for yourself).

at this point, as a dog owner, you start to have conversations with yourself.
“why didn’t we get some sort of pet insurance?”
“why didn’t we find this sooner?”
“what are we going to do for our dear THOR?”
“he’s a DOG, but he’s OUR dog!”
“what is this going to cost us?”
“is there anything we can do to really help him?”

so, we did decide to do the biopsy… and now we sit. and we wait. until we hear the news- whatever it may be- that holds our Sweet THOR’s fate.


6 thoughts on “but he’s just a dog….

  1. Poor doggie! It’s so hard when they are ill, they are our FAMILY. Prayers to you guys for good news (((HUGS)))

  2. Oh, dear friend! Please know we are thinking of you and hoping for the best for sweet THOR!!! Sending happy thoughts your way…

  3. More than a dog, a family member! We had to say goodbye to our oldest, (16 1/2 years old!) a black lab, Stella, a couple of weeks ago. The hardest decision I’ve ever made! Take care and I’ll be thinking of you!

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