rearranged dinner plans: Lasagna

don’t start calling me Mom of the Year.

at least, wait until tomorrow.

i was pumped. i had it all planned. i was going to make lasagna tonight. 

we had all the makings in the fridge, and no-boil lasagna noodles in the pantry. this was it.

i came home, browned the hamburger, even pureed some spinach with garlic to mix in some health factor. 

i FINALLY get it all assembled around 6:35p, as Boden starts saying, “Mommy! My Hungry!”

and THEN i look at the recipe on the noodle box. 

Bake at 350 for 60 minutes. 

so… we have lasagna for Friday’s dinner!
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yea me!

lucky for me, I married a guy that loves pizza rolls, birthed a boy that would do anything for Chicken Nuggets, and have a fancy new freezer. Ta-Da – dinner in just 10 minutes.

well, the chicken (strips) and pizza rolls supposedly cook at different temps and different times, but i did some math in my head (as you should well know, by know, is my strong suit (HA!)), and combined them on a cookie sheet. 

11-minutes later- processed dinner in a pinch. 


Wins for the night: Multi-tasking and Ingenuity

Opportunities for Growth: i burned my hand twice while checking on the banana bread (see: multi-tasking), and i may or may not have poisoned my loved ones with undercooked chicken strips (see: math does not equal strong suit).  


around here, it’s just another night of Fun Times with the Beckers! 


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