on the eve of 2013

oh, i remember sitting on that threshold of turning 13.

  • You were officially a Teenager!
  • you couldn’t legally order off the kid’s menu anymore (though, it’s not like you ordered chicken strips for years. you were way too mature for that… until you turned 17, and Applebee’s made it cool to order them again)
  • you were that much closer to 15, which meant you could get that learner’s permit, and then 16 = FREEDOM…

13 was a big deal. (not to mention the petty backstabbing, growing pains and general daily angst of being a teenager…. but i digress)

here we sit, as a collective populace, looking this Millenia’s teenage years in the pimply face.

what will this New Year bring?

2012 did not comply with the projected influx of Zombies, massive fire balls and general human demise — but maybe we have The Avengers to thank for warding off that supposed fate. (FINALLY saw it, and It. Is. Awesome.)

personally, 2012 brought some Fun Times and of course, some Not-So-Fun-Times… but i guess that is to be expected.

but what to expect in 2013? i guess the fun is in not knowing.

But, Dear Reader, The Beckers do wish you Joy, Peace, Love, Patience, Happiness and more than enough times that you laugh until:
A) your sides ache
B) milk squirts out your nose
C) you get the hiccups
D) all of the above.

Hold your loved ones tight.

Make new friends.

Try new things (Sushi? Skydiving? Writing with your non-dominant hand, perhaps?)

Take time each day to look through the eyes of a 13-year-old who has the world staring you in the face, and nothing but a bad hair day or an overabundance of benzoyl peroxide to slow you down!


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