Boden’s 2 Cool Birthday Zoo!

Say it isn’t so, Boden’s two, already?!?!

Time for a party.

what type of party do you have for an animal-(sounds)-loving two-year-old?

Why, a ZOO party, of course.

i had pinned this as inspiration, and ultimately went here to order it — and i highly recommend it. Amber is super easy to work with. i ordered the design, sent her two pictures at about 11pm, and by 7am the next day, i had two designs, large and in great quality.

such good quality, in fact, that i was finally able to tell that one of the two photos i had sent her for an option proudly displayed Big Boy B with the longest, nastiest wad of snot hanging from his nose. AH! so, that narrowed down my selection… naturally.

and here, is the final result:

(more birthday posts to come!) (i really do promise to do it, this time!)


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