Time to Vote!!!

Voting is a very important American duty. As a woman, and coming from a legacy of suffragists, I take advantage of my right to vote at every possible chance.

so yes, I will make an effort to stop by my local polling place today and mark my ballot.

And this week, I have reason to vote in another very unique poll — I am voting for BODEN to be this week’s finalist in the B107.3 Baby Idol contest!!!

We would love to have your vote as well!

in fact, you can vote once per 24-hour period each day this week, until 12noon (C.T.) through this link. (Technically, you can vote once per day, PER Device – so smart phones, tablets, netbooks, you know… each count as a vote). (AND, as i tested the link, i learned that you can ALSO enter once per day, per EACH type of Browser – so if you have Internet Explorer, or Firefox or Google Chrome – each of them works independently – so that adds up to multiple votes too…. not that i am encouraging you to stuff the ballot box…. but, by the looks of this post, i guess i am!)

If Bo is one of the top three vote-earners this week, he will go into a Final Round of Voting next week (fingers securely crossed!)

Feel free to share this link with others. We greatly appreciate your vote, as always!!

Boden at 18 Months (December, 2011) – photo from Laura Matoush Photography (recognize Bo from his 12-month session on her splash page?)

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