.5marathon training lessons – hitting the pavement

last time i ran a 1/2 marathon, i thought i would be kind to myself and take a month off…

SEVEN years later, i am back on this “wagon” of sorts.

last time around- i religiously stuck to my training schedule… and learned a valuable lesson on every single one of those Sunday Long Runs: each one prepares you for Race day, in one way or another.
– you learn what to wear, and what not to wear
– you learn how to hydrate, and how not to hydrate
– you learn what to eat, and what not to eat

today, i set my alarm for what wouldn’t have been too terribly early, had i been provided with a “good” night of sleep. but arise at 6:47am, did i. due to the schedule o’ the day, the early run would probably be my only real chance to make it happen today… and honestly, if i didn’t run today- it might be another week before i head back out.

Lucy saw my running clothes and practically bounced her way into her leash and harness.

wanna know what i “learned” today:
– don’t run when you’re tired
– don’t run with gloves, if you’re not used to running with gloves
– don’t run without gloves if it’s 22-degrees out at 7:10am
– hydrate, at least some water, please
– eat, at least something (a banana would probably have been a smarter move than nothing.)
– watch out for cracks in the sidewalk…

yes, i biffed it. Lucy was a good little nurse. and of course, it happened at the exact half-way point to home… so, no chance of a short cut.

we made it, yes we did – jogging the whole way home.

and now i have a use for those barbie band-aids.

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