.5Marathon training: Update

sunday, AJ was kind enough to play with baby B, and Lucy was kind enough to drag me around the University Place Neighborhood for a 4.3 mile run.

tuesday, my body was kind enough to rise at 5:11am and i re-introduced myself to an old friend

This buddy and i haven’t talked much in the last five years or so – but we picked right up where we left off… well, kind of.

the alarm is set for 5:11 again tomorrow morning. maybe i’ll run into that other long-lost acquaintance, the Wii Fit!


2 thoughts on “.5Marathon training: Update

  1. yea you! and to clarify – i did 4 miles …. once… we’ll see how this goes!

    ps- i still owe you $$$$ for our awesome xmas card. let me know if you want me to paypal it to you, mail, or if you want to get together. so, so sorry for the delay on this.


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