ssssssseason’s greetingsssssssss

decorating the house for xmas requires the inevitable trip to the dingy, musty, creepy basement.

it pretty much freaks me out.

it’s the exact reason why i didn’t even attempt to decorate for Halloween (that, and the fact that it’s NOT anywhere near my favorite holiday… just saying.)

i tricked cajoled AJ into helping me bring up all the rubbermaid tubs and whatnots. he’s so great. he almost got his elbow snapped in a long-forgotten and not-yet-tripped mouse trap.

i was feeling brave. while we were looking for the tree…. which i finally remembered, we had shoved into the crawl space… b/c last January, AJ assured me that it would be safe (and pest-free) there… and, that we “surely wouldn’t forget where we put it”… we realized that the stacks of donate bins were placed in front of it… no better time than now to load up my car with the bins and donate them tomorrow…

one by one, we head up the stairs and to the car with bin after bin.

i think it was load four… second-to-last trip… when i stepped on a rubber band.

oh wait – that wasn’t a rubber band… that was a





well, Dear Readers (I think i have TWO of you now, thank you!), admittedly, i was a bit startled, but snakes really don’t bother me as much as rodents (scurrying or flying, it doesn’t matter to me)….

now, let’s get serious. i wasn’t going to touch it. nor was i going to stay in that basement a second longer by myself.

but i didn’t scream bloody murder, nor did i threaten to burn the house down as i had that one time that i saw the mouse. i calmly went upstairs and told AJ to prepare himself.

see, AJ is not fond of snakes.

at. all.

and that’s why i am so proud of him. he took care of the situation.

he grabbed your run-of-the-mill snow shovel and standard issue broom and dragged me back down the basement with him to scoop up the snakes.

oh, that’s right. snakes.

i forgot to mention that as i was (calmly) scampering up the steps, i saw another one. dead – i supposed – right under the steps….

My Hero made sure to remove any doubt to their being an ounce of life left in the slitherers, and, shall i say, did what needed to be done.

hip hip horray!

we still haven’t unearthed the tree from the hole… maybe we need a few days to build up our bravery.

in the meantime… we will continue to go on the belief that there were only two, no more, and that even if there were, without feet, they can’t climb stairs.

it’s off to bed for me… sweet dreams… i hope!


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