Milk Strike

well… i wouldn’t necessarily say we have been as successful as i had once hoped on the whole “no more bottles” front

as the Mama, i just couldn’t stand to think that Baby B wasn’t getting any of that Vitamin D milk, and all that fatty goodness that’s supposed to help is brain form at Ivy League Lengths…. so i caved.

shortly after the bottle ban, i brought them back – but only for night time and right when he wakes up.

there. now i could guarantee that he would be getting at least 1/2 of the desired milk intake in these formative years.

i told myself that after he got the hang of the milk-in-sippy-cup plan, then we would slowly transition from the am/pm bottles to sippies, as well……..

easier thought, than enacted.

the kid is too smart for his own good (maybe he doesn’t need all that milk fat)…. he will drink water all day out of any of the 200 sippy cups we own. but slip in some milk, and NOPE.

pursed lips…

head turned aside…


so a friend suggested chocolate milk. the kind you make yourself, so that over time, you can back off the chocolate until it’s just milk.


except, he still won’t drink it.


so, today i took the advice of another friend and ordered this sippy cup, that was the only one that her son would drink with milk….. thanks to the joy of’s quick shipping policy, i hope to have it on my doorstep tomorrow….

until then (and probably after, since i should prepare myself for the fact that he will deny this one too), i am still open to any and all ideas and suggestions.

thank you kindly.

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