Bye Bye, Bottles

well, i posted this was not quite 13 months…. and, at the risk of you chalking me up to a “Bad Mama,” Dear Reader, i will admit that we have relied on bottles since that day to administer Vitamin D Cow’s Milk in four-ounce increments, four times a day.

it’s easy. it’s convenient. and Baby B sure does love it.

well, Dear Reader, as of today, i am cutting the cord, if you will. no more bottles. (okay, well, maybe for bedtime tonight, since Grandma K is coming to play and i don’t want to make her life a living hell.)

In this casa, it’s All Sippy Cups, All The Time.

Not So Fun Times for Baby B.

i am trying to be strong and not give in…. it’s hard.

so far, we have tried two different sippy cups (one with a soft tip, to hopefully match the bottle as closely as possible (note: it doesn’t) and one with a straw). both were met with only luke warm success. (more like zero).

if anyone has any suggestions on a good sippy, i’m all ears.

in anticipation of this date, i think i was subconsciously attuned to snapping a few bottle shots while we were in Estes last weekend…. for memory-sake, of course. please to enjoy:
wake-up bottle with Gpa D.

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye, Bottles

  1. we bought every available sippy cup for rex with no success until we got the born free cups. they are still the ONLY ones he’ll drink milk out of- although now a year later he will use others for juice or water.

    be strong!!

  2. When we made the switch, we started with only water or juice in the sippy so that he’d (maybe?) realize that the sippy wasn’t for formula (or breastmilk). But we started early, like 9ish months? I think? Then we just made the leap from formula to whole milk when he turned one and I think things were ok. It was more about finding the right sippy, like you said. B liked the Munchkin ones initially since they had a soft spout, and he had to suck to get the goods out (like a bottle). I also did the straw thing in case we were out eating and didn’t have a sippy, I wanted him to know how the straw worked. Hang in there, this too shall pass. :o)

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