well, i posted this was not quite 13 months…. and, at the risk of you chalking me up to a “Bad Mama,” Dear Reader, i will admit that we have relied on bottles since that day to administer Vitamin D Cow’s Milk in four-ounce increments, four times a day.

it’s easy. it’s convenient. and Baby B sure does love it.

well, Dear Reader, as of today, i am cutting the cord, if you will. no more bottles. (okay, well, maybe for bedtime tonight, since Grandma K is coming to play and i don’t want to make her life a living hell.)

In this casa, it’s All Sippy Cups, All The Time.

Not So Fun Times for Baby B.

i am trying to be strong and not give in…. it’s hard.

so far, we have tried two different sippy cups (one with a soft tip, to hopefully match the bottle as closely as possible (note: it doesn’t) and one with a straw). both were met with only luke warm success. (more like zero).

if anyone has any suggestions on a good sippy, i’m all ears.

in anticipation of this date, i think i was subconsciously attuned to snapping a few bottle shots while we were in Estes last weekend…. for memory-sake, of course. please to enjoy:
wake-up bottle with Gpa D.