Beyonce Sighting!

oh my gosh… please tell me you know about Beyonce The Giant Metal Chicken?

if not, i urge you to go here, right now, and read all about it. then, you will know what i mean when i say, i saw Beyonce and i want him!

you may also friend him on facebook, here.


and now, you should understand exactly how excited i was when i saw Beyonce, on the side of the road, at a store called “Adobe Designs” in Loveland, CO.

yes, i made AJ stop so i could take a picture.

i originally envisioned standing next to him and getting a good shot, for prosperity’s sake, of course.

but, it was 9:25am, and they didn’t open until 10:00. and, there was this sign out front that said something to the effect of, “Anyone who stops in our driveway to take a picture will be fined $75.00.”

well, i was admittedly a little Chicken Sh!t, so i could only muster this from my phone:

Beyonce’s in all sizes and colors, and all sorts of gaudy painted metal fun. oh, how i want one.


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