between Pandora and Pinterest, my life has become much more wonderous.

the former seems to know me better than i know myself.

the latter has made me feel craftier, healthier, smarter, more organized, and hungrier.

well, i won’t be crazy enough to tell you that i am the first to laud the praises of Pinterest… but i will tell you, that if you aren’t yet on board- you should be! (and if you need an invite, let me know!)

i have already posted a few recipes i have found on Pinterest and tried… and i have done a few crafts.

I will try to be better about logging these– and showing you the “Pinspiration” and then the final product on my end…. it’s a fun journey!

now, please pardon me while i give a “thumbs up” to The Backstreet Boys on my Pandora!