famous in a small town

we had a fun day at the NE State Fair.

the main reason was the facilitate the Nebraska Lottery Truck$ & Buck$ Second-Chance Truck Giveaway… and to eat lots of fried food, on a stick. Done and Done

and then, we were approached by a nice guy and a camera… from Channel 8 TV in Lincoln.

“Would you like to be interviewed for the 10pm news?”

oh, sure, why not. we have only been rained on, and are all kinky and kinda sweaty and a little dusty…. mostly from the remnants of powdered sugar… but why not. we can be interviewed.

“here, please clip on this lapel mic.”

and the results may be found here.

whew, that’s done… then we (okay, I) shove a few more handfuls of Grandma Kaye’s bag of kettle corn in our (my) mouths and finally make our way toward the exit.

a fun day had by all.

it’s a wee bit of a hike to our parking spot, so we decide to stop at the Movie Stunt Adventure. about half-way through the show, i see another reporter and camera crew heading our way- and mention to Grandma Kaye, “here’s 10/11… and they are heading straight for us!”

what is this? do we look like we were made to be in front of the camera? do we have “Yes, I am from Lincoln” tattooed on our foreheads?”… or, do we simply look like we aren’t from a rural community?

“Can we interview you to be on the 10pm news?”

“well, in fact, we were just interviewed by Channel 8.”

“oh, that’s okay. we’d still like to ask you a few questions”

“Ok, sure, why not.”

“great, thanks, if you could just stand here with the sun in your eyes, and keep your son from biting the microphone, that would be great.”

and here are the bits and pieces of our chat that made it into the interview.

Fun Times With The Beckers. Fun Times, Indeed.

don’t mind me… i’ll just be sitting here in my office, wearing sunglasses all day, to hide from the paparazzi.


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