placebo effect

now, i am not a doctor, and this is founded on zero proof… but i have a new theory on the whole “Pregnancy/New Mommy Brain” that so many women use as, what i consider to be, a cop out.

i worked very hard during my pregnancy not to succumb to this “pregnancy brain”… though i have been known to be ding-ie… i didn’t want to blame it on that.

and then, as a sleep-deprived mom, i am almost embarrassed to admit that there have been plenty of times when the noodle hasn’t been running on all cylinders… and i get mad that i blame it on lack of sleep… though, that’s a definite factor.

but i may have put my finger on the battiness…

hang in there with me… PreNatal Vitamins.

no. i am not pregnant again… and because of that, and the fact that i am no longer nursing, i have gotten lax in the regularity of my remembering to take the prenatal vitamins.

and for awhile there, i was feeling like i was really Back. i felt With It. Together. On Top Of Things.

then, one night, recently, while i was brushing my teeth, i saw the wayward bottle of vitamins, and mentally prodded myself to take one. not because i want to be pregnant, but, because my OB has me brainwashed, conditioned, convinced that a good, solid dose of folic acid and iron is good for women of a certain age. what can it hurt, right?

the next day– “spacious” would probably be the best way to put it.

so there it is… i blame Mama Brain on those herbal colored and flavored horse pills.


2 thoughts on “placebo effect

  1. interesting theory. looking back i can think of some times when this was true for me too. i’m going to start paying closer attention to this. and now i am going to go take my prenatal vitamin and hope that i can remember to do it again tomorrow.

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