Mustache Bash – the details

well, dear reader, i apologize for the delay in this post. i had all great intentions of being a wee bit more timely in providing the details that helped us pull off Boden’s Little Man Party/Mustache Bash for his first birthday…. but here we are, preparing to celebrate his 14-month-birthday…so, no better time than the present, right?!

well, i would say the first detail was the theme.

and i went straight to my friend Tamara, who is the Party Planning Diva, for ideas. She gave me some great ones, but once she said “Little Man Party” i was sold! I mentioned it to AJ, and we were off and running.

from there, i checked with my buddy, Google, and found ideas here:
Wiley’s Little Man Party
Funny Little Man Party
Little Man Tea Party
Preppy Little Man Baby Shower

and then i just found some of these, that would have been great for inspiration – so i am happy to share:
Griffin’s Little Man Party
and the details
Blue & Green Little Man Party
Becks Little Man Party

i will leave you with this link love for now… get those party plans brewing in your brain… and i’ll be back for more details soon… well, relatively soon!


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