Recipe: S’mores Cookies

further to yesterday’s post, here is the recipe for the S’mores cookies, to which i found on my beloved Pinterest. (and you may also find in the very detailed original post here)

if you read that post, you’ll notice that she makes her own cookies… i took the quick route and purchased a roll of cookie dough from the refrigerated section of my local grocery store. (take that, sister!)

.5 – preheat oven to 350 (or 355, if your oven is temperamental, like ours)
1 – lay out graham crackers on a cookie sheet (place them close together – trust me on this one)
2 – plop a dollop of cookie dough on each square
3 – add marshmallows (i have a marshmallow-loving husband, so this is where i dumped the bag on top. if three are good, 30 are better, right?…)
4 – bake for 5 minutes
5 – add a piece of milk chocolate bar to each cookie
6 – bake for 8-12 more minutes – until your cookies reach desired done-ness
7 – remove from oven and allow to cool
8 – slice and serve.

okay – so it was at this point, where i realized that i really should have stuck with the three-marshmallow-per-cookie idea…

my version of “dump the whole bag on top and call it a day” led to a gooey, sticky, hard-to-cut, hard-to-serve, hard-to-store situation.

but they taste really good… and i’m not a food blogger, nor a food photog… so the way it looks doesn’t bother me so much as the way it tastes.

and my dear, these taste mah-velous!

enjoy, my lovelies!


2 thoughts on “Recipe: S’mores Cookies

  1. Yum! My daughter is making her bedroom furniture from pallets at this very moment…damn Pinterest. We’re both addicted and it’s driving my poor husband crazy. We’ve broken one saw and dropped his hammer in a gallon of paint. We baked the brownies with the Oreos in the center too…warning-Pinterest makes you fat. Love your blog!

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