pardon the potential TMI, but this morning marked the end of an era.

if you would have asked me two years ago if i would have probably turned my nose up at breastfeeding (which, i have learned, most people seem to do).

if you would have asked me about 16 months ago, i would have said, “Well, i am going to try”

if you would have asked me about a year ago right now, i would have said, “i just don’t know. i really hope i can keep this up, but for something so natural, it’s super hard!”

if you would have asked me in January, i would have said, “my goal is to make it to a year, but it sure is hard to only pump 2oz at a time.”

and now, today, marked the very last nursing session with Baby B.

We made it just past a year! yea us!

it wasn’t easy. it was like a second full-time job, and consumed many of my thought processes. we had a rough start, but thanks to the Lactation Consultants at Complete Children’s Health and Milkworks (the most awesome place (and store!) ever!) we made it through. i was a wee bit neurotic (who? ME?) and was vigilant not to get mastitis… oh, i have heard the horror stories!

so, this morning… we did our typical routine… and then i realized. this is it. the last one. i’d better make the most of it. (cue: mental picture snap)

when did my sweet baby turn into such a big boy?

i hear that he might be a bit needy in this next week… and we’re already feeling it now (right, Gma Sue?)… but it’s okay. he’s still my sweet boy. this is a big step – for B and for me.

and though i joke that i’m “Dead inside,” i would be lying to say that i didn’t get a bit emotional today.