end of an era

pardon the potential TMI, but this morning marked the end of an era.

if you would have asked me two years ago if i would have probably turned my nose up at breastfeeding (which, i have learned, most people seem to do).

if you would have asked me about 16 months ago, i would have said, “Well, i am going to try”

if you would have asked me about a year ago right now, i would have said, “i just don’t know. i really hope i can keep this up, but for something so natural, it’s super hard!”

if you would have asked me in January, i would have said, “my goal is to make it to a year, but it sure is hard to only pump 2oz at a time.”

and now, today, marked the very last nursing session with Baby B.

We made it just past a year! yea us!

it wasn’t easy. it was like a second full-time job, and consumed many of my thought processes. we had a rough start, but thanks to the Lactation Consultants at Complete Children’s Health and Milkworks (the most awesome place (and store!) ever!) we made it through. i was a wee bit neurotic (who? ME?) and was vigilant not to get mastitis… oh, i have heard the horror stories!

so, this morning… we did our typical routine… and then i realized. this is it. the last one. i’d better make the most of it. (cue: mental picture snap)

when did my sweet baby turn into such a big boy?

i hear that he might be a bit needy in this next week… and we’re already feeling it now (right, Gma Sue?)… but it’s okay. he’s still my sweet boy. this is a big step – for B and for me.

and though i joke that i’m “Dead inside,” i would be lying to say that i didn’t get a bit emotional today.


9 thoughts on “end of an era

  1. We had our last session a few days ago too. Congratulations on making it a year! It really is one of the most challenging (and rewarding) things i have ever done. And I wasn’t working, so I just can’t imagine how much harder it was for you. Anyway, you will miss it more than him, and it will be emotional for you for awhile. Since i have been either pregnant or nursing for the better part of the last four years, it really hasn’t hit me yet that I’m done. Like, for good. And PS, be very glad you avoided the mastitis. I had it twice with my first, but thankfully avoided it this time around. No bueno.

  2. I hear ya! Maddox and I made it about 11 months before he decided that there was way too much going on to be covered up nursing…. It’s such and amazing way to bond, but once you adjust it’s nice to move on to the next stage!!

  3. A whole year is very impressive! I only made it 6 months with the first three, we’ll see what happens this time!

  4. So fantastic!! Praysie and I made it a little over 8 months. I loved/love nursing, with X its’ just as great. However, it’s kind of nice to have your body be YOUR body again.

  5. I heart you:) Good work Momma! It seriously was an awesome experience going through our highs and lows of bfing together. Thank you so much for being there! Shucks-now I get emotional.

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