run, baby run

well, enough talking. it’s time for This Girl to start doing!

i signed up for the Haymarket Dog Chase 5k, as part of the 2011 Cornhusker State Games.

that means that i have just a wee bit over six weeks to train.

and, apparently, has decided to start charging for their training programs… seriously?

but, thanks to my good friend, Google, i found a doable plan… which had me running today! just one mile, but at what i would consider my “Race Speed”….

the key was trying to figure out where and when to do this run – being that it was 100 degrees today (honestly!) and i didn’t think i would be able to run until i had put Baby B down for the night.

yes, that meant that we had to dust off our most favorite clothes drying rack… Le Treadmill.

i joke that i haven’t run since the 1/2 marathon in 2005… but, who are we kidding, it’s almost 100% true… so i set my expectations low, and was pretty impressed by my results…. i did not only one mile, but 1.5… thankyouverymuch. and even a bit faster than i trained for said marathon ’05.

i understand that i won’t always have great running days, but i hope that i can keep up with this new training regime, and have a great race on July 22nd!… and then enjoy a hot dog!


One thought on “run, baby run

  1. Way to go momma!! So awesome! I will have to tell Joey about that race, he might be up for it. He’s doing the corporate run next weekend and I think a 10k (?) in Seward on the 4th. And I will just be cheering from the sidelines. 🙂

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