Winner, Winner, Knitted Hat for Winter

Well, thanks to those of you that helped vote for Baby B last week!!! I really and truly appreciate it!

I did promise a pony for those of you that voted, so i hope this will suffice:

and, i also tried to make my very own giveaway… and i would say it was slightly successful.

thank you to my FIVE buddies that commented… i ran a Random Number Generator from and from the five, it chose Comment #4 as my winner…. Jenny D. that’s you! Congrats. we can chat the next time i see you and decide on what hat you might like… and if you want it for YOU for for your Coming-Soon-Wee-One!!!!

AND, since there was such a wonderful outpouring of support for Baby B on Facebook, I gathered up as many comments, likes and mentions from there that i could, and put you all in a drawing of your own…. ran the thingie and got comment #70– which is my new buddy, EJ… girlfriend, I am going to contact you though FB and let you know you won!

thanks again to everyone for your votes. At the end of the week, Boden was 96th in the ranking….

BUT, there were 8087 total photos on which to vote… so 96/8087 doesn’t seem so bad!

thanks, thanks, thanks again!!!


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