Our Very Own Final Four

well, maybe it’s the first four… but either way, there is anticipation in The Becker Household.

When will Baby B’s teeth finally arrive?

since the day we brought him home, it seems, every uncomfortable peep he uttered we immediately attributed to “his poor teeth.”

every night when he would cry in his crib, “oh, he must be teething.”

but, nothing.

then his buddies started teething around the 6 month mark. so, in December we kept the baby acetaminophen close at hand, vowing to only medicate when he seemed to be really in the throes of gum cutting.

still, nothing.

here we sit, at the corner of 9.5 months, and all the signs are there.
– excessive drool
– moodiness
– decreased desire to eat
– clingy/needy attitude
– night wakings (uggh!)

and yet, nothing.

in the rare occurrence when he will let me sneak my index finger past his lips to feel his gums, i can feel those little pearly nubs just sitting there waiting to make an appearance.

alas, nothing.

but this morning… i sneaked my finger in, and felt the sharpness of two little bits of enamel!


looks like we just might have some chompers in our future!


4 thoughts on “Our Very Own Final Four

  1. Toofers! I don’t remember at all when Brecken’s first pearly whites popped through, how sad is that?! I do remember last Christmas (so 9ish months) he got all. 4. top. teeth. AT ONCE! There were many tears shed by both him and I for a few days. My B is sooo not a good teether. We’ve got 2 year molars coming (and coming, and coming it seems) right now, and it’s massive hand chewing all the time. I’m on Team Baby Dentures!

  2. Amen sister! I can’t tell you how much this blog related to me. The same thing happened to Ava. I said she was teething her whole first year of life. My family thought I was crazy. Turns out…she didn’t get teeth until after 1. But, I have heard…the later the teeth, the better they are? Who knows. I now have two that I am saying are teething all the time! 🙂

  3. All kids are very different! Connor got his first at 6 mo. Caylie at 8 months and Caleb at 4 mo.

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