spoiler alert: this is a post referencing breast milk. don’t say i didn’t warn you.

as i completed this morning’s pumping session, i made a mental note to carefully put the caps on each bottle as to save every drop, and not (gasp) spill even the tiniest bit. then i was reminded of my dear friend’s frantic text to me last week referencing that she was literally crying over the milk she just spilled on her desk.

i know, right?!

this stuff is Liquid Gold. you work that hard for something, you do not want to see it wasted!

so then i pulled out my trusty TI-1795+ calculator and put my remedial math skills to work.

i will disclaim right here, and right now, that my calculations may not be accurate – please alert me if so

so, for argument’s sake, let’s pretend that a working mom makes an average of $45,000 per year and pumps an average of 4 ounces per 10-minute pumping session.

$45k/year (pre-tax of course) = $865.38/week,
= $173.08/day in a 5-day week,
= $21.63/hour in an 8-hour day,
= $0.36 per minute.

if she pumps for 10 minutes, that session = $3.61.

still with me?

if, in that 10 minutes, she pumps the average of 4 ounces, then each ounce costs roughly $0.90.

thanks to google, I learned that there are 128 ounces in a gallon.

Thus and therefore, 128 ounces at $0.90 = $115.38 per gallon of breast milk.

if my math is anywhere near correct, then it’s true… Liquid Gold.