what a neat idea from a local papermill and letterpress studio, Porridge Papers:

Love On The Run

Boden and I stopped in Saturday afternoon and we took a quick polaroid of him (it was post-baby yoga, so I declined the option to be in the photo as well!), then we typed up a sweet, pink note on a vintage typewriter, packaged it all up and sent it off to some of our favorite valentines (my bro, SIL and Boden’s cousins!)

i just heard that it was officially hand delivered a few moments ago.

how cool is that?

the email announcement explained it this way:
in this era of Facebook, Twitter, computer generated greeting cards, and cell phone texts, we are giving lovers a chance to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” with old-school methods and delivered in an unforgettable way!

if you are in Lincoln – stop by Porridge Papers.