grammatically correct since 2011

well folks, it’s true. i may have a journalism degree, but that apparently does not mean i can write good well.

a few months ago, my High-School-English-Teacher-Friend joked with me how gauche it was that she received a letter from friends and the stamp on the outside said, From the Parker’s

“With an apostrophe-S”, she said, and snickered at me.

i smiled and pretended that i “got” the reference, and “oh, the shame!”- while i was really scanning through my mental capacities to tell if i, too, am an offender.

guilty, apparently.

you see, the apostrophe is one of those elusive grammatical devices that has the tendency to puzzle me. is it apostrophe-S? or S-apostrophe?

apparently, in this case it’s neither. (or “nyther” as AJ prefers to say)

my fave High-School-English-Teacher-Friend was kind enough to provide me with the following flow chart: apostrophe flow

okay – thank you for that – but i was still stumped.

so i broke down and asked the best proofreader this side of O Street what she thought:

There would be more than one of y’all, so that should be the plural of “Becker,” which would be “Beckers.”

If you want to indicate single possessive–“This is KT Becker’s car”–that would be apostrophe followed by “s.”

If you want to indicate plural possessive–“This is the Beckers’ car” (meaning that more than one Becker owns it–KT and AJ and Baby B)–that would be “Beckers’.”

You don’t, for the most part, need an apostrophe to indicate plural. Just in unusual situations. For the most part, make plural by adding “s” or “es.”

So, to answer your question, should be “Fun Times with the Beckers.”

Make sense?

um, well sort of.

so, as of now, notice the header and check your google readers, they should display the non-apostrophized title of this blog.



One thought on “grammatically correct since 2011

  1. Whew! My maiden name is Sanders and I always had Issues with the apostrophes. I knew that I didn’t ever have to use ‘s, because Sanders’s looks hilarious. And from there I only had to determine if I was possessing something. But for the average name not ending in s, it’s tricky!

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