not that song again!

it has been said that i have an on-going soundtrack in my head.

this is true. (see #1 here)

but as of late, the songs are getting more obscure, harder to explain how they got there and increasingly more difficult to remove from my prefrontal cortex.

a few nights ago it was “If This is It” by Huey Lewis and the News.

a few moments ago it was “Hello Dolly” – the Broadway version.

and now, it’s one of my least-favorite xmas tunes by Frank Sinatra. at this point i can’t even think of the name of it, but it’s not a happy one, and it’s not even xmas anymore (’twas, one month ago, today, in fact!)… so why does it plague me so?

don’t ask why.

just sway your hips and sing along, i guess!


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