Jury is Out – Cyber Clean

i saw this long ago on some info-mercial or something.

and this past weekend it caught my eye as i neared the check out at Target (oh, how i love Target), so i grabbed it, knowing that my Work Computer is oh-so-crumby lately since i tend to eat my lunch at my desk… (yes, yes, i already know how gross you Germ-a-phobes think it is to eat at your desk… details.)

so, i tried the goop this morning, and i am still not so sure if i am a fan, yet.

with all that pushing on the keyboard, i was mostly successful in somehow altering the screen resolution to SUPER LARGE and it took me an additional five minutes to figure out how to get it back to some-what-normal.

other than that, i still see bits of dust and crumb under the keys.

maybe i should just get a wee vacuum or a can of that spray air.

anyone else tried it? is there a trick to making it work most effectively (other than using it while your computer is off?)


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