i joke about my hoarding tendencies, but seriously people?

AJ and i attacked our basement yesterday and came to the realization that i hoard cardboard boxes, and packing materials in general.

who does that?

This Girl, apparently.

every time i receive a box in the mail, i think, “Oh, now that’s a good looking box. if i ever have to mail something, it just might be the perfect size. and oh wait, i just may need those packing peanuts as well.”

so we got ourselves in to the habit of throwing said boxes down the stairs until we could barely wade through the basement, thus, never really wanting to go down there, thus leaving it to become the musty, scary grossness it has become.

we spent three hours (thanks MOM & DAD for playing with Baby B while we took this undivided time) and went to town.

i kid you not- i took a carload of more than 50 boxes of various sizes to the recycle bin. whew.

we’re 90% done with the clean-up/organization, and my brain feels 100% better.

AJ asked me last night if i would like to start doing my crafting down there, now that it’s tidy.

um, it may be tidy, but that doesn’t make it any less scary. thankyouverymuch.

now, if only i knew where to find a nice cardboard box… 😉