Lost Episode: Tuxes

Hello Reader.

the end of the calendar year signals for me a time of reflection on the past 360-ish days. 2010 was definitely the “Year of The Babers” when, not only did we have our own sweet little bundle of joy, but so did oh-so-many of our friends (i think at last count we knew of 37 or more fresh, new, love-that-baby-smell humans born this year).

on to 2011… i think it will be the Year of Weddings with a Baby In Tow. No, the actual Year of Weddings for the Becker’s was 2006, when we attended 13 weddings and were in 7 between the two of us. 2006 also included our engagement and commencement of wedding planning fun!… but 2011 finds us involved with at least three weddings of best buds that stood up with us on March 31, 2007, and we couldn’t be more excited!

in the wake of all this wedded bliss its time for a wee story.

The following is what i like to call a “Lost Episode of Fun Times With The Beckers” because it happened before i opened this blog, yet it’s one that is most definitely a must to put into writing. i have been meaning to post it for awhile, and this morning i thought, why not today? so here goes.

Misadventures in Tux Rental

As AJ and i embarked on the aforementioned wedding planning, i didn’t necessarily become a Bridezilla (okay, it depends on whom you ask)… but I did know what I wanted, and rarely accepted opinions of others. however, in an effort to make this more about “us” and less about the “KT Show”, i ask AJ to take charge of the tuxes.

he did a wee bit of research and asked me to join him at one of the tux shops in town to show me what he liked and wanted to order. After a few hours, and inching closer to the store’s closing time, we agreed on black tuxes for the dudes (though i mentioned that i really wanted brown, and both AJ and the store clerk looked at me like i had said “Polka Dot”), and added the fun element of powder blue tuxes for the ushers (think: Dumb & Dumber, sans ruffle and top hat):

AJ was so excited about this element – because the four ushers are good buds of AJ’s and brothers, and would be able to pull these off on the day of the event – adding some of that Becker humor to the day… plus, we didn’t plan to tell them about the tuxes until they picked them up… tee hee.

at the end of the night, we secured the order and the fact that each tux and all necessary items would be $99 per dude. We felt this was a reasonable (yet, bordering on highway-robbery) price for the six groomsmen, four ushers and Groom – plus the two dads would get their rentals free based on the volume reservation. Deal.

okay– early February, we made an appointment to go to the second location of said Tux Shoppe for AJ to try on some of the items and make the final approval. We spent the whole lunch hour chatting with the store manager – who said he oversees both stores. Told him of the cost and the total number of tuxes in the order, and he didn’t seem to bat a single eyelash at anything we said.

So we go about our wedding planning business. all the groomsmen, ushers and dads provide the store with their measurements and we are on our merry way.

fast forward to 15 days before the wedding.

i remember that i was driving away from Ten Thousand Villages in the Lincoln Haymarket where i picked up my order of necklaces for the Bridesmaid’s gifts. My phone rings = AJ.

“Honey, do you remember how much the tuxes are supposed to cost?” AJ asks.

“$99,” i reply.

“thanks, that’s all I need.” and he hangs up.

20 minutes later I call AJ back and ask what he’s doing.

“I’m at HyVee making copies.”

“of what?” i ask.

“of each of our groomsmen’s measurements.”

and the story unfolds.

Apparently, AJ received a call from the tallest groomsman, who was also the last to supply the store with his measurements. Upon the submission, he happened to ask what they would charge him for the tux upon pick up – for budgetary reasons – and was told it would be $145. Thus, a call to AJ for some good-natured ribbing on the fact that he picked such an expensive tux.

Which then sent AJ into a fury of fact finding.

He immediately made a call to the store manager we had spoken with just weeks before.

This guy confirmed the higher price.

AJ tried to remind him of our conversation about $99.

To which he said that had never been the price.

so AJ places the dude on hold and then called me (see above), patches back to the dude and confirms my statement.

To which he said that is still not the price.

AJ asks, “Are you calling my fiance a liar?”

To which he said something to the effect of, “Maybe…”

AJ says, “give me the name of the original sales person.”

To which he says he cannot divulge that information.

so AJ says, “Fine, just let me pick up the measurements and i will take my business elsewhere.”

To which he says he cannot divulge that information, either. Apparently, our groomsmen’s measurements have somehow become the sole property of this Tux Store.

so AJ gets in the car and heads to the original store where we made the order.

There stands the original sales person and that store’s manager – on guard – apparently tipped off by the other dude that AJ was probably on his way over.

The store is set up with a U-shaped sales desk, and both ladies were using their place in it as their protection. Being that it’s Prom Season, there are two high school-aged boys checking out the different vest colors and options.

in an effort not to make a scene, AJ walks up to the “U” and in his sweetest voice, tried asking again on the price.

it is confirmed at $145 each.

so AJ says, “Fine. Just tell me how $99 becomes $145.”

so the store manager places her hand firmly on a stack of papers with a note that clearly states, “Do not give out measurements under any circumstances,” and begins to illustrate that it is $99 for the Pants, shirt, buttons, tie and vest. if you want a jacket, that is extra. if you want shoes, well, you’ll have to cough up a bit more dough.


Then AJ sees it – a moment of weakness – the Manager has removed her hand from the stack of papers.

AJ grabs the stack of our measurements and makes a 180-degree turn and high tails it to the door with the contraband.

on his way out he says to the teen-aged boys, “Don’t rent from this place!”

At the door, he looks left to his car, but chooses to go right and heads back into the mall and out a hidden exit. his thought- I don’t want them to see what I drive – they might chase me.

so that finds us back to the point where he’s at HyVee making copies — just in case the cops come asking for them back.

Later, we found out through AJ’s sister (an employee of the local 911 at the time), that the store really did make a call to the police. the officer got there and asked what was stollen. The ladies answered, “Measurements” and the cop said, “Excuse, me what?”, laughed, and left the store.

later that night we went to another Tux retailer in town, told them the story, and they were more than happy to help us make an order for our wedding party with just two weeks to the wedding. Further to that, they had just received the brand new Brown tuxes that would be available April 1st, in time for Prom Season. With a March 31 wedding, we asked, and they obliged. Our wedding party was the first ever to wear brown tuxes in this town. i got my wish… but, sadly, they couldn’t provide any powder blue tuxes…. lucky ushers!

moral of the story: only YOU own your bodily measurements – and don’t let anyone tell you differently.


One thought on “Lost Episode: Tuxes

  1. Oh my goodness, I am laughing that they called the cops because he “stole” his own groomsmen’s measurements!! LOL. Classic story – you have to have at least one for the wedding!

    Ours was the 3 groomsmen that canceled on us and didn’t come to the wedding. Fun times indeed!

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