if you put a baby in a pumpkin

i had this brainwave that i wanted to get a Baby-sized pumpkin and put said Baby inside for a cute photo op (hollowed out- of course).

i went to the store, without Baby, and thought i might have picked up a good enough sized one…

apparently, my spatial relationship skills aren’t as great as I had hoped.
This is what you get when the Baby is bigger than the pumpkin:

and this is what you get when you try to use some split-second creativity:

(so i ask you this, “Which Way to the Gun Show?”)


One thought on “if you put a baby in a pumpkin

  1. I love you Baby Boden! I hate that the Shumans haven’t made up there to meet you yet. Kris had to work this weekend alas we couldn’t come up to watch the Huskers beat up the Hawks.
    Boden – you do have some major guns! Austin is looking like a scrawny dude next to you! Our photographer suggested we take some pictures in just the diaper since “everybody love pictures of baby chub”…. to which I answered,”Austin doesn’t have much chub to speak of. As soon as he grows some, he shoots up another inch!” (okay maybe a millimeter or centimeter!)

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