Don’t squish the baby!

i may not follow through on many things, but one thing i have been fanatical about since day one is that we don’t put the baby in the bed.

not for sleepy time.

not for play time.

i understand that it’s probably not that big of an issue, but it kind of is, and i, for some reason, hang my hat on that.

however… it never fails… at least once a week since Baby B’s arrival home, i have a half-awake-dream that he is, in fact, in the bed with us.

many a night, i have been known to pat around the sheets, “looking for him”… until i fully rouse myself to the point of lucidity and remember that he’s just a few feet away in his play-yard.

well, now that he has spent the last four (FOUR!) nights in the crib in his own room, these half-dreams are becoming more prevalent.

last night, in fact, i apparently told AJ, “Don’t move! the baby’s right here.”

to that, he didn’t move, for fear of an impending baby squish… all the while, wondering why i would change my “Never Put The Baby In the Bed” rule….

about 20-minutes later, when the Real Bebe started to squawk from his crib, i got up to tend to his needs, and AJ was left in confusion…

“So, you mean the baby really wasn’t in the bed?”

“No Dear, but thanks for humoring me!”

(Mama needs some sleep!)


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