friendly request

if you don’t mind, i would like to make one simple request:

when you are speaking with my child, i do not mind if you find yourself speaking in higher tones, or if your words become sing-songy. i do not mind if you even find yourself engaging in a wee bit of baby talk. we all do it from time to time.

however, i would like to ask that when speaking to him, please refrain from using improper English.

Saying, “Is you standing on them foots?”, is unacceptable.

with kindest regards,


4 thoughts on “friendly request

  1. I so want to give this post to my MIL… the baby talk was enough to put me over the edge, but now the “is those yous shooes?” MAKES ME STABBY. It doesn’t help that she says Brecken so poorly it comes out BWECKEN. GAH!

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