i seem to recall going through the Burger King drive-thru awhile back and ordering a small fry.

I was told, via the loud speaker, that their Medium is their smallest size, and was that okay?

upon further review of the menu, their sizes were Medium, Large and Extra Large.

um, wouldn’t that be the same as Small, Medium and Large?

well, now i find the same semantic issue in the diaper world.

Thank you Diapers.com for the coupon code for a free pack of “Jumbo” diapers, but with just a little research, that Jumbo pack is really the smallest.

When did Jumbo mean small?

The next size is the “Mega Pack”, which, in all reality, is smaller than the “Big Pack”, the next size up is “Super Pack” which is slightly more intuitive, ending with the “Extra Large Case” which makes me think you might have to rent a UHaul to transport it.

really, why not just go with Small, Medium Large, X-Large and Huge?

is that too much for a mama to ask?