ain’t that a shot in the leg?

today was Baby B’s two month check-up… which also means the dreaded shots.

Poor Baby B!

but he was a trooper… and, here are his awesome stats:
– Height – 24 3/8″ = 88th Percentile!
– Weight – 12lbs, 9oz = 67th Percentile (AJ guessed 68th!)
– Head Circumference – 16″ = 50-75 Percentile

all is well – and his growth curve is trending nicely, so they tell me.

you know, i have heard, more often than not, that Baby B looks a lot like his Daddy… which i think is awesome… SO, the kid may not look like me… but he seems to be taking on some of my bad habits… on more than one occasion, i have caught him sucking his (right) thumb…. and today, the doc and I came to the conclusion that he just may have reflux (GERD).

that’s my boy!

pardon me while i go snuggle with my sweet baby boy and the three band-aids on his cute little chubby thighs!


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