The Outfit is doomed

we have one outfit (okay, AJ says boys don’t wear outfits… but you know what i mean) that must be doomed from the start… but it’s just too cute.

you see, every time Baby B wears it, he has a blowout and soon it is headed to a swift Oxy Clean soak.

yesterday, AJ was feeling ambitious and he chose the Doomed for the day’s apparel. We thought things were going well and that just maybe we had dodged the curse…. but then during the afternoon feeding…

yep, time to change.

I was able to catch a video from yesterday, well before said blowout. enjoy the clean (for now) outfit!


One thought on “The Outfit is doomed

  1. that is too cute! my mom bought ellie an outfit and everytime we were getting ready to see my mom i would put ellie in it…and sure enough she would have a blowout that soaked the legs and up her back on this said outfit. finally just before the outfit was too small to wear we made it to my moms for her to see it before another blowout:)> oh the joys of motherhood.

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