mama brain

i swear, i have wonderful intentions of posting. i have lots of great ideas at about 4:14am. but at that point, i am too tired, and too preoccupied (if you know what i mean) to write it down, let alone remember it in daylight hours.

just know that i am thinking of you, dear reader, and have only the best of intentions of keeping you entertained…

maybe one of these day’s i’ll be able to retain a coherent thought.


3 thoughts on “mama brain

  1. Been there–done that more than a few times. It does get better in time, only to have them be teenagers and not want to come home at night and lie there worrying what “might have happened”. Nothing we would trade, though.

  2. While keeping up with a blog is fun — Boden is WAY more fun and important! Keep doing your thing, Momma!

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