Strawberry Surprise

one question i get often is, “What are you going to do about daycare, after your maternity leave?”

and i love the look i receive when i answer, “My Mom is going to watch Baby B.”… everyone thinks that is just the best, and i definitely agree.

Not only does my Mom ROCK in general, she’s also a fabulous former pre-school teacher, so at her house, it’s singing and dancing and playing and discovery all day long.

Boden will be in such great hands, we can’t wait (though we are thoroughly enjoying every second of our maternity leave together, that is for sure!)

here’s a fun example of how awesome and creative Mom is:
today, while we were visiting, Boden’s cousins, Sophie & Chase, were also over. Earlier this past Spring, S&C had planted some strawberry bushes with my dad… but i do believe the bunnies were reaping the rewards of the recent strawberry harvest.

However… Mom didn’t want S&C to miss out on Picking the Berries… so she distracted them, while my dad “planted” some store-bought berries. Then the kids ran out to check on the goods… and BOY were they excited to find the hugest, reddest strawberries. They started eating them right “off the vine”…

this cracks me up– and i am sure that one day the light will come on for S&C when they realize that home-grown strawberries are not so voluptuous, if you will. but they will still have the memory of good times in Grandma & Grandpa’s backyard.

always a learning experience. always a fun and loving experience.

YEA Grandma Sue (and GPA Dean!)


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