Time is super elusive, and quite a relative term here in the Becker House, as of late.

the sheer fact that i have been meaning to write this post for about a week is testament to it’s slipperiness.

three weeks and one day ago, my sweet and precious baby B was born. but really, that feels like forever, and just mere moments, all at the same time.

just about every day, i am amazed at how quickly the day passes, but how slowly it takes me to get certain tasks completed. these shower gifts just may never get fully unpacked and moved out of the hallway (sorry, AJ!)… but i always have time to sit and cuddle with my sweet little boy. no worries there.

one of my other major goals is to get all the pictures transferred to the computer and ultimately printed… and maybe even into an album (shocker!)… but that just doesn’t seem to be happening either.

oh, and don’t even try to ask me what day of the week it is.