a fresh diaper

Boden sure loves a fresh diaper.

once it’s securely in place, he gives me a little smirk and then fills it right back up.

way to go, buddy. way to go!
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3 thoughts on “a fresh diaper

  1. Some of my favorite stories of all time are related to “release” accidents from my kids. The time I forgot to “cover” and Grant made a huge arc on the wall. The time Spencer peed and pooped (breast milk poop, all nice and yellow and liquidy) at the same time!!!!!!Sans diaper!!!!! And when Mia “let go” right after I was bathing her at the kitchen sink all over her brother’s head.

    I apologize for the disgusting nature of this post, but as you will find. Disgusting really is a relative term.

  2. I remember in those first few months, she would dirty a diaper, and then another, and yet another just after you put it on and I would look her in the eye and say, “Joselyn – you’re costing us a dollar an hour – stop it!!”

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