our sweet baby B. this is the name we were finally able to agree on, and we just love it.

yes, we might shorten it a bit… there are a few different possibilities. but i like Boden just fine.

and we thought we made it up – slightly… but apparently, it exists in a baby book, found at Barnes & Noble:
Sprint PictureMail

thanks to those of you that helped weigh-in on the name game… and i’ll just make you wait a few years to learn the girl’s name we had locked in!


3 thoughts on “Boden

  1. I love love love his name. I’m a nerd about names! 🙂 Our friend had a little guy, Bowen, last year and Boden reminded me of it! Hope you’re enjoying the tiny-ness!

  2. KT!

    Congrats to you and AJ! I’ve been so busy I haven’t checked blogs in weeks and what a suprise to see Boden had been born! Such a sweet little guy! I hope Joan and I have the pleasure of meeting him someday soon! You look radiant in all your photos, Boden is a lucky baby to have you as mom. I love and miss you all! BIG HUGS!

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