so, i finished What To Expect When You’re Crazy (okay, maybe i changed the title a bit– but I feel that’s a more appropriate one)… and still no baby.

i would like to point out that the authors kindly wait until about week 36 to break the news that, though you have been counting down to 40-week gestation… this could last up to 42 weeks… yeah, i know. i thought the same expletive.

i also love the parts where they detail bits of possible pending labor… but then say- or you could have these symptoms and still be weeks away. awesome.

i am in that gray area now… feeling some movement, but nothing noteworthy. oh well… this waiting game is kind of fun (at least i keep telling myself this… my new mantra)… and the end result will be worth it… so keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times, and enjoy!