lunch with a side of culture

I briskly walked from M Street to R Street over lunch (that’s 5 blocks for you non-lincolnites)… felt good… and then the heat hit me… it’s hot out there. whew-eeh!

but i enjoyed some rays while eating my bagel and then decided to check out the A/C inside the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery.

that was pretty cool.

My most favorite painting there, was not currently showcased… but i really enjoyed the current exhibits.

  • Better Half, Better Twelfth: Women Artists in the Collection
  • Voyage to Italia: Americans in Italy in the 19th Century
  • Flowers, Lies and Revolution: Contemporary Cuban Art

    and of course, i love the irony of this:
    Sprint PictureMail
    more info here

    yea for a little culture on your lunch break. i hope The Bumpit liked it too.


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