i think a pregnant lady spends a good portion of her mental time in the 3rd trimester fretting over when and where her water might break.

and honestly, if all the books are correct, only about 10% of labors start with the water breaking. for the most part, i read, that it’s the doctor that has to manually break it (think, crochet hook – seriously)… so, for a 10% chance, it’s really not something to fret over, is it?

i haven’t been too worried… however, now that i sit here, four days out, it’s almost as if i am wishing it to break, just so that i’ll know that this party is about to start.

yesterday, i filled Lucy’s water bowl, and didn’t realize that i had spilled some water outside the bowl… later, the light caught the spill, and for just a second, i got excited that maybe that was me… but now.

then today, i took a swig from my water bottle (possibly not BPA-free… i know, i know)… and dripped some below me… only to notice it a bit later- and there was that twinge of excitement again… but alas.

i should be ashamed of myself for thinking i might miss it if it occurred… but i guess this all is just par for the course of the anticipatory nature of this event.

as of right now. no broken water. no baby. no problem.