throughout this pregnancy, i have heard stories from friends on their children’s MSPI issues.

makes me wonder if this is the cause to what most people used to think was colic?

also have wondered if it just makes sense to cut out some milk and soy before this Bumpit arrives- just in case.

so, i was so proud of myself, i switched out my Cow’s Milk for Vanilla Almond Milk. it’s a bit sweet… but it works for my morning cereal. but honestly… how do you get milk from an almond? or rice or a soybean, for that matter? science is amazing!

the best part though– i may have cut out the actual cows milk, but do you think that has stopped me from eating cheese, ranch dressing, or really anything else? NO! so, my plan is not-so-fool-proof.
only time will tell, if this Bumpit requires a special diet.

if you are interested in learning more about MSPI check out some of these links:
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